Data Centre Management

Data Centre Management is an encompassing term that relates to Data Centre Managers who oversee the data centre and look after any technical or IT related issues. It includes the management of servers and computers, the data contained within a system, its applications, and the security for the protection of that data.


A data centre is generally the term used when describing the protection of your data. The management team will evaluate and provide ways for the data to be secured from outside influences. They are your line of defence against those who would attempt to steal and exploit your data.

The hosted computer environment needs contact monitoring so it can be protected properly. With systems put in place to alert of any problems, a data centre management team, or person, will be the first call to make any decision for what problems may occur and will plan out ways for those problems to be fixed. 

In general, they need to be fast acting as a potential breach can be disastrous for data losses. A data centre manager will use all the tools available to make sure that your data is suitably protected, this may include running backups, contingency planning and technical support systems.


Device Hosting

A data centre management team will be responsible for providing and securing device hosting. They will determine the appropriate place for devices to be hosted so any new applications of processes can effectively be secured, and will either not, or limit, the effect on your current systems.

Without having the appropriate knowledge new additions to your system can severely affect performance and create clashes that can create a malfunctioning process. A data management team can plan out how best to introduce new devices into your current network.


Rack Allocation Design & Implementation

Without the proper design and implementation for your data centre racks, they may not function properly. With the correct planning, the energy consumption and heat removal process will work properly, and everything will keep humming along perfectly.

With the wrong rack allocation your systems can overheat and cease to function as they should. When you contract a specialist team to perform this, they can evaluate your system, and make changes that can speed up your access to data and limit the number of failures.


Patch Matrix Creation & Patching

Patches are needed when a system is not functioning in the way that it should, or you need to adjust a system after it is running. While most problems are caught up in the development stage, often these are not known until after it has been running for a while and users are interacting with it on a regular basis.

When you need to make changes on the fly, the creation of a patch matrix and its implementation needs to occur. Without a team at your disposal often this can be a difficult process as everything needs to be tested before the patches are launched.


Local Support Assistance

With local support you have a team that is a phone call away and can be on site if there are problems that need to be addressed immediately. As we are local for our clients, we can attend any site when required.

While most work can be completed remotely, occasionally someone will need to be onsite to make physical updates and provide investigations to any problems. With local support we will be there for when you need us the most.

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