Your information assets and systems are at risk, if they are compromised you could potentially lose critical data, and this can be hard to come back from if you do not have any systems that are providing protection.

Providing Protection for Your Information Systems & Assets

IT security is a wide-reaching term that covers many aspects of digital protections. It will secure you against cyber-attacks, where people try to gain access to your data and steal information that they can use later. A cyber-attack can come in many forms, even something simple as an email attachment that gets opened can unleash viruses and spyware that can be used to probe and damage your systems.

A security breach can happen at any time, and with our support network systems you can be sure that if there is a problem our monitoring processes will notify and alert us so we can quickly deal with any problems. This can involve securing your data backup systems and cleaning your current systems to remove any potential threats.

We are dedicated to providing businesses with the correct tools, applications, and support to make sure your systems are kept functioning properly and to avoid any security breaches.


IT Security Assessment

An IT security assessment is to be conducted to show weaknesses in your current systems. It will delve into the possibilities of how an attacker may gain access and suggest ways that your security needs to be better protected.

By providing you with an assessment of your current security capabilities you can be informed and make a sound decision on where to go next. Our team is trained in looking for specific weaknesses and potential risks. We can provide ways of better securing your data and offer solutions that will improve your ability to repel any cyber-attack.


Gap Analysis

In a Gap Analysis, we will look for ways that can improve your business efficiencies. It is possible that your current systems are not working to their full potential, or maybe one out of date system is creating a ‘bottleneck’ and slowing all the other systems down. This can have a detrimental effect on your operating speeds.

By performing a Gap Analysis, we can find any issues and offer solutions to fix and/or repair the problem areas. In security this can mean deleting old and outdated security software and making sure that all systems are up to date and running the same applications.


Next Generation Security Infrastructure Design & Build

Often the solution for businesses is to have their own internal Security Infrastructure, we are able to plan and work out a solution that works specifically for your business. All businesses are different and not every standard ‘off-the-shelf’ application will work. As if an application does something that you don’t need, it can slow the processes, and become more of a problem than the solution.

After a discussion based on your needs, we can start to build a security plan. It will cover the processes and security that is required and eliminate inefficiencies. We can work with systems of all sizes and develop solutions for large and small companies.


Cyber Security

Cyber security occurs when an individual or a group attempts to gain access to information stored in your systems. There can be a variety of reasons they do this, it could be for credibility among their peers, data theft, or data destruction. 

Regardless of the intent, making sure your systems have all the current security updates can often be the biggest deterrent to any cyber-attack. The most common way the attacks are made is through weak passwords, opening email attachments, and following fraudulent links sent with emails.


Security Audit

By performing a regular audit, you can see if there are any new problems in your security systems. When completing an audit, we rely on the information that is covered in the last audit, as this will allow us to see if anything different is occurring, and to analyse potential problems.

On completion of the audit, a report will be generated and that will cover a list of recommendations and prioritize which items need to be addressed. Usually higher breaches of your systems security protocols will receive a higher priority. After the audit has been completed, we can discuss what needs to happen next to best protect your systems.


Application Pen Test

A penetration (pen) test simulates a cyber-attack against your systems. Depending on how the ‘cyber-attack’ performs we can look for possible weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities.

The pen test can be performed against a multiple of applications and systems. It is essentially a real-world example of what may happen in a real attack. By testing you can see how your systems can handle a real attack and modify your security protocol to perform better.


Application Security

After an application has been deployed it is vulnerable to attack by malicious and nefarious people. While most of the work for security has been completed in development, only once the application is ‘in the wild’ will it be exposed to those that seek to take advantage of any weaknesses.

By maintaining the application security, we can examine and protect them from attacks and keep your data safe. In current times applications are ever increasingly the target of cyber-attacks as many have identifiable weak points.


Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention refers to the detection and stopping of data breaches. If your systems are under a cyber-attack, it’s important to know as soon as possible and then have the correct procedures in place to stop it. If data breaches go unchecked you can lose huge amounts of data over time, and it can affect your business negatively as you’ll often need to inform your clients.

It also protects you in regard to government requirements for the protection of sensitive consumer data, protects your intellectual property, and to secure data based in cloud environments.

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